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Coolest Adam and Barbara Maitland Couple Costume

I made Barbara’s mask out of wire and paper mache. Once the form was completed, I hand painted in appropriate flesh tones on the outside and used red and black for the inside of her mouth. Her teeth are marshmallows that were glued onto a piece of poster board that I cut and sized to act as gums. The mask is attached by an elastic strap, and my hair was placed on top so there was no wig involved (luckily I had the right hair for the job.)

Adam’s costume was made from wire, which was stretched and formed to resemble a hand at the top of the head. The wire was then attached to a baseball cap. I had hand sewn a stretch knit flesh colored fabric, attached it to the wire baseball cap base and covered. It was then stuffed with batting to add weight. The eyeballs (both on the female and male masks) are made from ping pongs. I drew on them with markers, poked holes in the rear, and used them for Adam’s fingers and Barbara’s eyes.

Best Adam and Barbara Maitland Couple Costume ever.

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