My boyfriend is the Absinthe bottle. We used an old carboard box and painted it with green tempra paint. You can get this pretty cheap at any crafts and/or school supply store. We cut holes on the sides for the arms, as well as cut out the entire bottom portion of the box for his legs. The top part of the box is angled in slightly and secured with green duct tape.

For the label, I found a design I liked and blew it up. The hat is made from construction paper, plain old white computer paper, which I secured together with glue and some tape.

My costume is lot less complex. It’s just a green leotard with a skirt. The skirt is made from a piece of thick satin green ribbon. Strips of tulle are tied onto it. You can comb and fluff it with your fingers as desired. I wore a green headband and happened to have a matching mini purse. To finish off the look, I covered a bottle of Pellegrino with the same label as on my boyfriend’s costume. Voila! Absinthe and La Fee Verite!