I made this costume to go to a cos-play meeting, and used it again at an 80’s-themed costume party. An idea for a costume based on a character like Ursula may sound complicated, and some parts of it were definitely hard for me to do myself, but the costume itself isn’t too complicated. A good costume doesn’t have to be made from super-expensive materials, a few simple touches can give you just the right appearance you’re looking for to make it appealing to others with small amounts of materials and work.

Steps To Make This Cool Ursula the Sea Witch Costume:

  • To make this costume, cut a few slits in a black satin evening dress.
  • Use crinoline under the skirt to make it more puffy.
  • Use purple sashes of a fine material and pull through the slits so that they make tentacles that flow behind the costume as you walk.
  • Tie another sash around your waist as a belt to complete the tentacled look.
  • Use purple body spray on your body to give your skin the lavender tint Ursula has, and use heavy eyeliner and make-up to give your eyes and cheeks a sort of sunken look.  Please note that colored body spray is usually very cold when applied, and has a tendency to bleed if you spray too much in an area, I had some trouble with the spray because of these reasons.
  • Bright red lipstick, feathery purple boas, and a silver wig complete the look.
  • To make Ursula’s seashell necklace, take a small conch shell and place an electronic candle just inside the shell; the light from it will shine through the shell and make it look like the shell itself has a flickering light coming from within.
  • Place the conch shell on a fake pearl necklace and place around your neck to complete the costume.  The necklace I used was more of a Hawaiian-style wooden necklace, which also works well for the necklace.