Cool Toddler Boo Costume

I got the idea for my daughter to be “Boo” while watching Monsters Inc with my daughter and nephews in the spring. The original idea being that they would all be characters from the movie. But as time passed on, true to form, the boys decided they wanted to be Super Heroes. My daughter though, even though she’s just under two, never changed her mind even for a day. So I had to make a Boo costume happen.

I could have taken her to a costume store and fairly easily probably could have distracted her with any number of the usual princess gowns, but that didn’t seem right. It didn’t take a whole lot of research to realize they don’t make “Boo” costumes anymore and to find an old one was going to cost way more than I could afford. So now I’m faced with the decision to make the costume or bail on the whole idea and take a trip to one of the many costume superstores. Again I decided to stick the original costume idea and make it myself.

I hadn’t sewed since Jr. high so I wasn’t very confident that it was going to workout. But I was hopeful. I dug my grandmother’s old sewing machine out of the garage and stared at it for two weeks wondering if this was a good idea. Finally, with all supplies in hand I decided, with a week until Halloween, it’s now or never. Once I got the machine on it was kind of like riding a bike, everything I learned in Jr. high came right back. The machine however was difficult to say the least. It was definitely old and only worked properly at times. I did the best I could with what I had. But eventually the machine was toast, so I made a quick trip to the store for a glue gun to finish the job.

After everything was done I was probably the most proud of myself I’ve ever been. And I’ve been an athlete all my life and I know what its like to be proud of your accomplishments. This though seemed so much for fulfilling because in some weird way I feel as though now I’m a “better mom”. It seems so stupid to say. But I’m a young mom and I still live with my parents so its easy for others to view me as not adequate, or maybe its just my fear.

For some reason though making this costume made me feel like I was among an elite group “good moms”. I don’t honestly believe that, but it did feel good just to know I did something for my daughter and I did it with love and it turned out pretty good. I know she’s a little young to appreciate it but everyone that saw it loved it and so many people thought it was the best costume because it wasn’t your average little girl costume. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a huge hit among the adults and teenagers!

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