Growing up one of my favorite movies was always ET so my goal for this costume was to bring the movie to life. First thing i did was print out the best possible picture of ET that I could find, then i attached the picture to a store bought plastic mask.

After attaching the picture to the mask I took an old teddy bear that i found in the attic and wired the mask to the bear. I then took a white bed sheet and wrapped the bear in the sheet to recreate the look that ET had in the movie. I then took an old bicycle that a friend had given me and took the handle bars off and zip tied them to the back of the basket to re-create the look that it was the front of a bicycle. After adding the bars i then placed ET in the basket and for finishing touches I couldn’t forget to add the glowing “heart” which I used a red glow-stick to help mimic.

I loved creating this costume for the sheer fact that it not only made me smile but it also brought memories back for everyone around me. It brought many smiles to everyone’s faces and tons of compliments. I hope it brings as much joy to you as it did me.