Cool Retro Wolfman Costume

Having come off the high of winning one of last years prizes, I wanted to submit another of my favorite costumes. I have always loved the old Universal Pictures versions of monsters, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc. I wanted to try and recreate my favorite: The Wolfman. It took hours of gluing prosthetic pieces and fur on my face and body, but I think I captured the feeling of the old time monsters from my childhood. Although I see many versions of wolfman mask and costumes, I was very pleased to come so close to the version I loved so much while growing up.

I purchased crepe hair and a prosthetic nose . I painstakingly spirit-gummed the hair to my face and hands and the areas that showed thru the pants. I attached the nose with spirit gum and latex and applied makeup to achieve a realistic effect. People were surprised that it was not a pull-over mask and when examining the makeup closer were amazed that the hair was integrated throughout the whole costume. I could enjoy the party libations when I removed the false fangs.

This was a very personal costume and I am sure there are many Wolfman costumes on this website but I think that every person who post pictures to this site has a favorite costume in their minds and I feel very fortunate to have gotten mine out of my head and into the costume world. All that was left was the plaid shirt and pants with holes and I was ready to go. Although the picture does not show the feet, I had false feet over my shoes that were also covered with fur that completed the effect. I was lucky enough to win 1st prize at my friend’s condo complex’s Halloween party allowing me to go home with a giant bottle of whiskey.

I don’t drink whiskey but I still have the bottle to remind me of the night I howled.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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