Cool Professor Trelawney Costume

When getting ready for a Harry Potter Death-Day themed party, it is most important to figure out what character you most connect with, and who you can really channel. For me, Trelawney was the natural choice: we’re both eccentric, and I absolutely love how she dresses…and it didn’t hurt that putting together her outfit would be a snap!

First you have to find a couple of long, straight skirts that clash. Layer them so that several inches (at least 6) of the bottom one show beneath the top skirt. This may require rolling of the top skirt waistline. Then put on a long-sleeved bulky sweater (preferably one with some texture and other colors!) and a thick belt over it at your waist. Pair is with a button down sweater vest and some shoes (I chose moccasins for comfort). Finally, accessorize! Rat up your hair and hold it back with a funky scarf, put on some long necklaces,hoop earrings, and go crazy with bangles. The final touch are some large cheap glasses with the lenses popped out.

Make sure you do a lot of squinting, and perfect your trace-induced raspy voice, and voila! You are the perfect doppleganger of Sybil Trelawney.