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Cool Porcupine Costume That’s Safe for Kids

My 4 year old son became obsessed with porcupines after seeing a dead one on the side of the road.  He decided he wanted a porcupine costume for Halloween.

We went shopping at a local craft store for supplies and came home with black fur fabric, multi-colored black/brown/tan fur fabric, black and gray foam sheets, and white paint.

  • I painted lines on the foam sheets before I cut them into the quills.
  • I made a cape out of the multi-colored fur fabric and hot glued the quills on individually.
  • The shirt and pants were made using a free clothing pattern.
  • Quills were attached to the clothing, including a hat.

This costume caught everyone’s eyes.  My son loved the attention he received.  At one event he had to dig in a pile of straw on his hands and knees for candy.  He looked like a real porcupine digging for grubs.  The crowd was laughing their butts off.

Cool Porcupine Costume That's Safe for Kids

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