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Cheap and Funny Mr. T Costume for a Boy

Here’s my cheap and funny Mr. T costume for a boy. I am very into halloween and thankfully I have a son who lets me dress him up as anything I want lol! So I like to top my own ideas everywhere and was stumped on what to make him. Then, I found a pair of overalls in his closet and I thought MR.T!!

For the costume I used the overalls he already had, and found the website “my costume wigs” which has all wigs that have a string in the back to make it a one size fit’s all. So, I ordered the Mr. T wig, and also ordered a “muscle top”. Then I  used make up I already had for his beard and all.

Then, I  went right into my jewelry box and got as much gold jewelry I could find and got the gold beads at the dollar store! I then used one of his old long sleeve red shirts and cut the sleeves off and it turned out being a very cheap and very funny costume!

The reactions we had from people were priceless! Everyone was saying it was the best costume they have seen all night and my son even had strangers on the street asking if they could take pictures with him because they never seen a better costume! And of course every time we turned a corner we heard nothing but laughs and people saying how hysterical he looked! What a great homemade costume for a boy.

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