Cool Minion Costume for Grandma

My husband of 43 years passed away in September, and I decided I could sit around sad and empty OR stay busy busy with sewing, crafts, etc. My grandchildren already had planned costumes, so I decided to make a minion costume for their enjoyment. They absolutely adored the movie “Despicable Me”.

I made myself a costume to wear at our church’s Oct 31st Trick or Treat candy handout. It was very fun to make, and even more fun to wear. The smiles and giggles made it all worthwhile. My friend, who is also a grandmother, is borrowing it, too, for her niece’s 7-year old birthday party this weekend. I checked the internet for some kind of ideas, and found many minion costumes for children were made using a trash can with a round top. This shape, though, wouldn’t have allowed enough room for my (wider) shoulders, so I used my exercise ball covered with a trash bag. It was perfect.

I made a paste from flour and water, tore up newspapers and had a gooey fun time. I first covered the ball with a trash bag, so I could remove the “finished bowl shape” easily. The head and body were yellow fleece, with the stiffest possible iron-on backing for the body. I cut triangle pattern pieces, experimenting until several fit to make the head. The eyes were cut from a minion t-shirt then glued to a thick piece of cardboard, and the black strap for the goggles is black elastic. The hair is black pipe cleaners, and to keep them standing up straight, I molded a 1/3 inch piece of pipe cleaner and hugged each of the 10 pieces of hair at it’s base.

The shoes, black tights, black polo shirt, yellow pair of socks and cheap black pair of black gloves finished off the outfit. I cut the shorts using a pair at home for a pattern, and added the front, back and straps. The “dome” is worn under the suit, with a small handmade pillow glued inside it for comfort. Hopefully somebody else will enjoy this granny’s ideas; they made our Halloween most enjoyable at an otherwise troubled time.

Cool Minion Costume for Grandma

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