For my Marionette Halloween costume idea, I bought a corset and made a tutu. I also rolled my costume in dirt and lightly spray-painted it with black to make it look old.

I used a dowel and cardboard covered in contact paper to look like wood and attached that to a head band. Then added the rope to the length of my hands and feet. (I have a smaller sized head so I had to wear the headband in front of my ears which caused bruising and a little bit of blood, but whatever it takes right?).

On the white tights I drew my leg hinges and also added them onto my elbows. I teased my hair so the headband couldn’t be seen. The face was more difficult, but everyone loved my Marionette Halloween costume idea. I ended up winning $500 at the contest.

This was my fav costume I’ve done! The face is what made it awesome!!