Cool Little Optimus Prime Homemade Halloween Costume

My 5 year old nephew is nutso crazy about the transformers! I kinda have to add that I too love them dearly (heh). I’ve made his costume one time before when he wanted to be Thomas the tank engine and I HAD to deliver again this year! Based more on the classic cartoon version. I wish I would have taken pictures of the process (and the mess I made) of making this Optimus Prime homemade Halloween costume. I’m not the kind of person to make exact measurements of things, and definitely not the type to draw out plans.

I gathered images of Optimus Prime, as many, as detailed as possible and just started working.  My construction materials consisted of lots and lots of sturdy cardboard, scissors, box cutter, hot glue, masking tape (to round edges), paint and TIME.  Making a frame for the chest/shoulder piece is important, you can add smaller details after that is done.  I left a box pretty much intact for the shoulders (that was a good idea). The part that covers the abdomen was a rather ingenious idea. I regret not have photos of it.

The arm pieces were 4 rectangular pieces put together.  I adhered inexpensive blue gloves right inside them so when his arm was inserted they stayed together real swell.  The legs were fitted so that they would be light enough to walk in (gotta get that candy) and stayed above his feet. I made small front of shoe covers that resembled o.p.’s. And the head! oh cow that was touchy. I should have used a hat to get the jest of the inner shape, but I did not. It ended up helmet like. It wasn’t too heavy, but could have been more comfortable.

The costume turned out so cool. I wished that I had one! Now for my cute little nephew, he wished that he could have been able to transform into a semi. Leave it to little rotten boys, never pleased. haha.

My 5 year old nephew is nutso crazy about the transformers! I kinda hafta add that i too love them dearly (heh). I've made his costume one time befo

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