My kids (3 and 4-year-old boys) wanted to be Lego men for Halloween. I let them pick out the character., so my 4-year-old picked Batman and my 3-year-old picked the Penguin.

Creating the Lego Costumes

I used cardboard and tape to construct the bodies and Penguins top hat. I used mesh fabric to cover the eye and mouth holes so they could see out. Then with some creativity and some craft paint I brought them to life.

The heads are cheese ball barrels we found at SAM’S. I covered them with painters tape and painted again with craft paint. I attached the heads to the bodies with twine, and I used black trash bags for Batman’s cape and Penguins jacket tails and drilled some air holes in the back.

The boys had so much fun wearing them. They received so many ‘wows’ and other great comments. They even won a costume contest.