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Cool Last-Minute Homemade Elvira Costume

I woke up that Halloween morning without a real costume. I Just looked in my closet and pull everything black. I came up with the Elvira costume. It all came together with existing clothes I had already had. The wig was an old Elvira wig from a couple years ago that I never had used until now. I had a black slit skirt was from a 2 piece bridesmaid dress.

I had a black polyester dress blouse which is under a black corset then added with a wide belt. I already had black nylons and back boots that brought this outfit together for Elvira the Mistress of the Dark. The final touches were the make up; normal foundation, black eye liner, black eye shadow, blush, red lipstick, red blush with false eyelashes and black nail polish done the night before.  Applied red blush with a make up brush to the cleavage area for the illusion of a larger bust.

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