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Cool Hunter and Fox Couples Halloween Costume

So my husband (Matt) and I (Carrie) had decided that the year before we didn’t really have a creative costume. So for the next halloween we (or more me) started brainstorming ideas the summer before. After throwing out numerous ideas that didn’t appeal to my husbands masculine side (including cinderella and prince charming) I thought of the fox and the hound and it got turned down. So then I thought fox and hunter! The hunter costume was easy because my husband had all the stuff for us. But for those that aren’t into hunting there are numerous places you can find stuff for it (walmart, cabelas, bass pro shop, etc). The fox costume wasn’t as easy. It took me forever to find cheap fox ears and tail and ones that weren’t ugly. I finally found ears and tail at hot topic the week before halloween. It was a hit! People loved how our costumes were so cute and the costume really fit our personality. Matt is a real outdoorsmen and I am a huge animal lover (I’m also a zookeeper). :)

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