Cool Homemade Tree Costume

To create the head of my tree costume I used a hat which I wrapped in flower foam and taped in place using packaging tape.  I wrapped the foam hat with burlap and then sewed a burlap mask around the perimeter which hangs down to my shoulders.  I cut a face hole in the front of it.  I poked small holes in the burlap and inserted the branches and leaves to make the top of the tree.

I sewed the rest of the costume out of burlap with my arms as branches.  I used leaves coming out of my sleeves to simulate the branches.  I painted my face brown.  The total cost of the costume was about $80.  $20 for the burlap material (5 yards at $3.99 / yard), $55 for the leaves (5 very nice $8 leaf bunches for the top with 5 cheap dollar store leaf bunches to fill in the bald spots, then 2 $5 leaf bunches for the branches)  and $5 for everything else (face paint, thread, hat etc).

I enjoyed standing still around the parties I went to and acting tree like (swaying in the breeze).  I also got to tell people a lot of tree facts, which are important.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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