My son wanted to be a swamp monster because we saw one with a mask at target- he is four so I am not a fan of masks. I told him we would make his costume- he wasn’t real happy about it though. I went and found army green clothes at the Thrift store.  Then we went to Joann’s and got some soft green fabric to make a hood. I also got some different colors of green felt. There was was some camouflage scraps of fabric I got the shred and hang from the arms.

I then had lots of cutting to do for the felt – I cut out seafood shapes. I began to sew them on and figured out that hot gluing worked much better- I also got 2 vines of leaves from the Dollar tree along with some moss looking netting that was in the Halloween decorating area. I made the hood and sewed to the top of shirt- and took white felt to make teeth and eyes!! I wrapped his legs with the vines and also glued them on!

I think the costume is sure cute and we got a lot of compliments at the trunk or treat!!