Cool Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

This  Poison Ivy Costume was definitely the most difficult but one of my all-time favorite costumes ever. I was laying in bed watching makeup tutorials and eventually came across Halloween makeup in which at one point Poison Ivy came on. I thought the process wasn’t too difficult so there blossomed my costume idea for Poison Ivy. I watched a makeup tutorial on how to glue leaves to my eyebrows and also had to buy 2 red wigs, one long red haired wig and another short haired with devil horns.

For the wig with devil horns- I put tin foil around the horns and bobby pinned it along the bottom to keep them in place. Then I took the hair and bobby pinned it all over the cones so that the foil was covered and it made the two cone like hair shapes in my picture. I then took fake twigs with berries from a craft store and bobby pinned those around my hair.  Needless to say, it took about two packs of bobby pins to make sure everything was secure and in in place.

After doing my makeup, I put my hair in a stocking and bobby pinned the long red haired wig to my head. Next, I bobby pinned the devil-horned wig on top . Everything else- I ordered green stockings, a green corset, and long, green satin gloves online. I just threw on a pair of high brown boots that went with the ensemble. It was a lot of work, and the hair took me about an hour to put on, but I did win a blue ray player for all the effort!