Cool Homemade Plus-Size Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of hearts is my favorite Alice in Wonderland character. This costume was completely made by hand from a female vampire costume from years past.

I cut the old costume down the front and added in the white panel down the front that I had previously sewn hearts too. On the back a row of cut out hearts were sewn on. I made traditional royal sleeves to the dress but it still wasn’t royal enough so I picked up some white fur and added it to the cuffs and hem of the dress. And my absolutely favorite part of the dress is the collar, I created this from more of the white fur, a coat hanger, an old pillow and the same material I used for the front of the dress. The pillow stuffing was used to create a billowy effect.

The accessories for this costume were time consuming the crown was built from numerous princess crowns purchased from the dollar store, broken down, and glued back together, painted and jeweled with heart shaped stones. There is probably 3 months of work on the costume and accessories for this masterpiece.

Cool Homemade Plus-Size Queen of Hearts Costume

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