Cool Homemade Medusa Costume with Head Full of Snakes

My Medusa costume was easy to make and the reactions were great. People asked “where did you buy the hat”.

Headpiece–The costume was constructed of a foam cap as a base and then layered with the below coil decorations, topped with rubber snakes from the dollar store. Each layer spray painted with metallic paint before being bound together. Approximately four cans of spray paint were used. Once the headpiece was finished I used fabric glue to fasten jewels as the finishing touch.

Dress– the snake skin dress was found at a local thrift store and I glued jewels onto it as well. I used some iridescent fabric that I had on hand to make additional skirting.

Tattoos– I ordered tattoos from etsy: a large tattoo on my left arm, large snake going up the right arm, silver band at neck, and two eye tattoos.

I also wore red contact lenses for effect.

I love Halloween and every year try to outdo the prior. People, thought the costume was creative and didn’t believe it was hand made. Total time, about 3 hours over three days to construct, needed to let paint dry with each layer. Total cost-$40 ($20 in snakes, $10 dress, $8 tattoos) everything else I already had.

Cool Homemade Medusa Costume

Cool Homemade Medusa Costume

Cool Homemade Medusa Costume