Cool Homemade Lego Lady Costume

I’m one of those dads who love to make costumes for my kids.  As soon as Halloween is over, I start dreaming up what my next project/costume will be.  My 4 kids are growing up and not all of them really want a costume anymore.  So when my daughter’s friend (a senior in high school) asked me to make her one I jumped at the chance!  Unfortunately it was less than 48 hours before Halloween and I have a full time job so I had to come up with something quick.  I had just made my youngest son an Iron Golem from Minecraft so I had some posterboard left.  I decided on a Lady Lego!  I used poster board, duct tape, cooking pots (drilling holes in them for eyes) and paint and here you are!  The costume was a hit!  The whole family went out and while only part of the folks recognized the Minecraft character, EVERYONE recognized the Lady Lego!  She brought laughter and smiles to the young and the old! And it made a 17 year old girl excited about trick or treating again.  Hmmmmmm, now what should I do for next year……..