I spent two, make that 2 months, hundreds of hours, and over $250 in materials and pieces to make this Bender from Futurama costume come to life. It is by far the best Bender costume. I haven’t seen a better one in all my research online. The eyes, antenna, arms, and inner door light up with LED’s that are all interanlly wired to a switch.

There is a speaker of the upper body that triggers LED lights to flash on the mouth when speaking, giving it a really cool effect. The voice can be modulated as well with the throw of a couple dip switches. The front door opens up to reveal all the cool wiring, gadgets, and a sexy picture of Amy, and Lela which are leading characters on the Futurmama series. I entered a few local contests and people loved it. Everyone wanted a picture with the Bender!! Thanks, and vote for me please!!