Cool Homemade Couple Costume Idea: Joker and his Tag Line “Why So Serious?!”

We are Halloween NUTS!  We go all out including a haunted barn and parties for the kids as well as ones for the adults. To us, Halloween is about being crazy and creative and most importantly having fun! The Joker and his tag line – Why so serious? ! was a perfect fit. We had great fun assembling the costumes – especially  styling the wig on my (normally bald) hubby!

The costume elements were simple – make-up, a lab coat black socks, white shoes, blonde wig and a Vote for Dent sticker (printed on the computer). My costume was one of my hubby’s old suit coats, a wild colored tie and shirt, make-up  and a toy gun.  Everyone loved it! The best reactions were to my husband and his new found head of hair!