Cool Homemade Costume Idea: Claw Machine

I made this costume for a 2011 Halloween party and everyone loved it!  It took about six hours to make and cost less than $100.

The claw machine costume is made out of a large cardboard box as the frame and then wood trim purchased from a home store.  Construction paper, poster board and bulletin board trim was used to give the outside some color.  Battery-operated lights were then adhered to the frame to give it a light-up effect.

I used cellophane wrap to act as the glass and then dropped stuffed animals that I had throughout my childhood into the costume.  I did purchase the hat online, which was a bear cap and then painted my nose black to look like a stuffed animal.  You cannot tell in the photo buy I wore all black and then pinned additional stuffed animals to my outfit.

The claw was made out of aluminum foil and a telephone cord.

The letting was made using a Cricut machine while the handle was just a plastic cover I found for a curling iron.  I am sure you could find other items within your home that resembles a joy stick.

Make sure you keep a large hole in the back so that you are able to enter and exit the costume easily.

This is a great costume.  The only downside is that once the party is over, you have this massive costume that sits in storage!