Cool Homemade Costume for a Boy: LiTtle M@d H@tteR

Ok my son (JJ) loves for me to always make his costumes. This year I decided to make him one of my favorite Disney character into A costume,  Mad Hater!

The Costume Pieces: I am big on thrift stores,  soooooo, I went to the thrift store and purchased pants and tailored them to length,  the jacket is a womans jacket and i just cut the sleeves cause the material and shoulder pads worked perfect.  I also purchased a vest from them and extra pieces of clothes items to make the stripes on the side that you see in picture .  All these items cost me $8.50.  Then I went to Jo Anne fabrics’ where I purchases the lace you see at the end of his sleeves.  That was attached with hot glue.  The spindles you see, also attached together by yarn and the material for the bow tie and the individual little jewelry items (3), a peacock feather, and some extra material.

The Hat:  (AHHHH)  ok the hat i purchased it black from party city.  One of the items i purchased from the thrift store was the perfect material.  I covered the hat with that material and wrapped a scarf (also purchased at thrift) around the bottom.  Then i attached the sticks that were painted gold and added the jewelry pieces.  I attached the peacock feather the extra material and DONE!  All with hot glue.

The Hair:  The hair was done with tuel.  I attached it the inside of the hat so he wouldn’t be hot with a wig on.

Makeup:  I did some make up on him.  White powder some soft pink eye shadow around the eyes and put lip gloss on him.  (Remember he’s a boy) lol

The socks were mine so I just put two different kinds and the shoes go with his uniform at school.

Whalaa!  Little Mad Hater!

At his school as soon as he walked in everyone was loving his costume and I could see that my son was very proud.  Usually he’s the shy kid in class and always the last one to be picked for everything when it comes to teams.  But not this time;  He actually won his contest in school.  He won a gift card of $25 dollars to Toys-r-us. Most of the people didn’t even recognize that that was him in the costume.  After he won all the kids were going up to him and I could see his excitement to be noticed…After i then see him walking over to me (of course I have tears in my eyes) and says, “mommy here this is for you because you made this costume for me you can buy a toy for you”.  He is such an amazing little boy at such a young age that for once he felt like he was special and the popular kid in school.

Even if JJ doesn’t winn the contest, I know he will be excited to know that I entered him in one…

Thank you for taking time to read my “Little Mad Hater” story.