This is my border collie dog costume. I made him for Halloween, but he’s also helped out with adoption events on occasion. Again, much like my Big Bad Wolf costume, I thought it would be fun to be a giant cartoon character, so I created “Blackjack” the border collie

Also like my wolf costume, he’s constructed the same way:

His head is carved upholstery foam with faux fur attached and shaved down in spots, and his eyes are made of plastic with the pupils screen, where I see out of. The body is a jumpsuit pattern, altered slightly to fit me better. The feet are carved foam, built ontop of shoes and covered in faux fur, and the hands are just sewn fur. They have a little foam in them to keep the toony shape. The paw pads and claws, as well as the material covering the nose are fake leather. The base of the nose is Sculpey-brand clay. The tail is just sewn fur, attached to the body by a belt. Being a girl, I add a little foam in the chest to create the illusion of this character being male.

I would estimate this costume to cost between $200-$250 to make, depending on the materials you use; the faux fur being the most expensive item. Time invested could be weeks to a month, and the hardest part is probably getting started. It is so much fun come Halloween though. Even if some people do make me bark for candy..