My wife and I love the movie UP. We had our little girl a few months ago, and we wanted to make her first Halloween very special. So while my wife and I dressed up as the main characters, we wanted our daughter to go as a Baby Snipe. This is how we did it:

  1.   Buy Cookie Monster outfit online (smallest size I could find was 6 months).
  2.  Cut the eyes off of Cookie Monster (morbid).
  3.  Cut foam to the shape of a beak and eyes (easier said than done).
  4.  Use a hot glue gun to wrap the foam in the colors you want for the Baby Snipe.
  5.  Using diluted acrylic paint, fade the beak colors from yellow to red and paint the eyes.
  6.  Using a pipe cleaner and a fake peacock feather, attach the feather to the top of the head.
  7.  Use blue acrylic paint to make the Cookie Monster from teal to royal blue (closer to the Baby Snipe color).
  8.  Buy a bunch of colored feathers and glue them to the Cookie Monster body.
  9.  Insert baby
  10.  Totally optional, but we also made little booties of marbled grey felt to look like bird’s feet.

The responses we got were incredible and a couple of people asked us if they could buy the costume! We had a great time and our little girl enjoyed the attention.