Cool Homemade Adult Batman Costume

I made this adult Batman costume for Halloween 2012. I picked Batman, let’s face it, what grown man does not want a bat suit, lol?

It took 3 weeks to make the bottom, half are black jeans with pads I made from a old black jacket plus PVC for the boots from another old coat. The chest piece and shoulder armor are plastic covered in the black jacket . Silver duct tape was used sewn on to the front to give more detail. I tried to do a dark knight look but with my own design hence the silver.

The cowl was done in latex. I made a paper mache Batman head then painted layers of latex on then just removed the head. There you go, a bat cowl. I think it turned out pretty good, the kids loved it and so did the adults, lol. As I make my friends a lot of costumes now cant wait for next Halloween, bring on Iron Man.

bye till next year