Cool Hit Girl Costume from Kick-Ass

Hi, we got our inspiration after watching the movie Kick A$$. My wife and I both thought “wow, Emma would be perfect for Hit Girl.” The next day, we had our 13 year old daughter Emma watch the movie as well, and we were right; Emma loved Hit Girl and her outfit. Emma was sold, she wanted to be Hit Girl for the coming Halloween. We first went online and searched for pre-made costumes, but they all were really lame. We checked local costume shops, but non of them carried Hit Girl. Halloween was approaching fast, and we were running out of time, so we started search in thrift shops for the needed pieces to create the most authentic Hit Girl costume. Well, time was not on our side that year and we were unable to find everything we needed for our masterpiece. Emma had to settle for a store bought Bat Girl costume, which was great, but disappointing.

The next year, we had a mission and began scouring the web again to see if any better costumes had come out for Hit Girl. Once again, we saw some pretty lame attempts from companies. Fast forward to September of this year. We had all the parts except a plaid skirt, a yellow hand grenade, a weapons harness and a jacket. We did have a purple wig, some black boots, and knee pads. We knew we had our work cut out for us. That weekend, we ran all over the state looking for the needed accessories, and this is what we settled on: one man’s plaid shirt, a deer blind harness, and a purple exercise jacket.

Okay, we had all this stuff, but now what to do with it all? How can we bring this stuff together to make Hit Girl? First step was my wife cut the plaid shirt and sewed it into a plaid mini-skirt. Next, I cut the tree blind harness up and rigged it into a two gun weapons harness. Hit Girl has one yellow grenade as well! My wife thought to just go to the toy store and get one, which made me laugh out loud and I explained to her that toy companies do not usually make yellow grenades. (for some reason, she thought this was an everyday item in the weapons area at the local Wal Mart or toy store!) What to do? Then it hit me. A yellow plastic lemon. Perfect, five minutes later, the juice was drained from the old plastic lemon in our fridge and lying on the pile of supplies. Next on the list was a pink belt. My wife found a leather normal belt at one shop, and that might have worked, but then I remembered the Bat Girl belt from last year. That would be perfect. One problem though, my wife quickly pointed out that it was yellow, not pink. (she was still not amused at how I had laughed at her about the yellow grenade incident.) Smirking, I told her my plan. I stated proudly, “PINK DUCT TAPE’. I will cover it with pink Duct tape. Off to the store I went to find the pink Duct tape. We live in a small town, so let me tell you, I wasn’t very confident that I would be able to find that item in that color. Plus, in the back of my mind I was thinking, “man, I hope non of the guys see me buying pink Duct tape.” Lucky for me, I was able to find it and soon I was back home with non of my buddies the wiser.

The next step was to start covering the belt with the sticky pink magic tape with so many uses. I spent two hours covering every inch of that belt until it was completely yellow free. Then the hardest part, making the HG perfect on the buckle to match the movie font. Six attempts later, I had done it. We were almost done all we had to do was have Emma get fitted for all the accessories. She had everything on, when we noticed the harness kept falling off because we couldn’t get it tight enough from the back. A little brainstorming and wallah! I grabbed a pair of hand cuffs from our police costume and clipped the two straps together across her back. Perfection! Throw on the cape, get on the knee pads and boots, and ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Hit Girl 2014.

I bet you’re wondering how others reacted to her costume. Here are some of the best responses from strangers. A parent answering the door, “Wow, Kick Ass!” This one for a girl a half block away, as my daughter was trick-or-treating. “OMG, I want that costume, that is so sweet!” plus even the people who didn’t know who she was, after being shown a picture, responded “wow, nice job! that is really close.” After two years of planning and collecting, we would have to say Hit Girl was a complete success. Thank you and Happy Halloween!

Cool Hit Girl Costume from Kick-Ass