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Cool Halloween DIY Costume Idea: Totum Pole

Tonight, Kimberly is wearing a beautiful Totum Pole which was hand crafted in her home town of Tacoma, WA. She said earlier that it took her about a week and a half to complete and that she had a blast creating it. She got a 12 inch cardboard tube as the body and 2 inch wood to hold the wings from the local hardware store, acrylic paint to add color from the craft store, and used cardboard for the wings that was just laying around the house.

She cut holes for the face and arms with an exact-o knife, drew and painted the body freehand, and added the wings with a staple gun. She loves wearing the pole during sunsets, on long walks through the park, and just anywhere outside.  Her most embarrassing moment while creating the totum pole was trying the pole on and getting stuck inside! She plans on using the Totum Pole for Halloween 2013 and to win as many costume contests as possible! Thank you, Kimberly!

Cool Halloween DIY Costume Idea: Totum Pole

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