Cool All Girls Costume Idea: Barbie Girls in a Barbie World

This year the graphics department at my office decided we would go as different Barbie dolls complete with their own individual packaging! We handmade each of our own boxes and spent many hours doing it, but it all paid off when we won Best Costume!!

We started with wardrobe boxes we purchased from U-Haul. We taped closed the top flaps and kept the bottom flaps open. We then drew our outline as to where we wanted to cut the hole in the front (luckily, we’re all graphic designers and were able to make a template ahead of time so they were similar!). We then cut the hole out with an exacto knife, then purchased pink wrapping paper and covered the entire box with it. We printed off graphics we designed ourselves ahead of time on the computer that were personalized for each of us, then printed, trimmed and spray glued them on.

We had the best time with these costumes! The reactions we got were beyond our expectations and everyone told us that it was the best group costume they had ever seen! Definitely saving my costume for another Halloween!