After months of trying to figure out what to be, we came up with this idea a week before Halloween, A WEEK. My husband (Princess Leia) was the simplest to make. I just had to sew a loose dress.

My costume(Han Solo) was made by finding a shirt and jacket at the thrift store and modifying it. I sewed the pants the night before. The most difficult to make was my son’s (Chewbacca). I had never sewn with fur and I don’t think I ever will again. After I sewed the fur I painted on the detail with no toxic paint. To make the satchel I got a piece of leather and painted on the details. The Chewbacca costume was the most difficult to make, but it was totally worth it.

My family got great reactions from everybody, we even had several people stop us to get pictures of us. Lex even got extra candies for being extra cute.