Cool F-16 costume

We got the Idea for the F-16 costume right in this site, from Kristina R. First we made a paper model to get the picture. Then we measured and cut two cardboard pieces, and cut a crack in one to them to let the stabilizer (two pieces of cardboard, each is folded, taped to the bottom piece) through. We pressed the pieces a bit to create curves and inside space.

We left some cardboard pieces inside to keep the shape, taped the pieces together, and then sprayed polyurethane foam inside. Make sure there are some holes to let extra material out. Then it’s almost done. You cut the extra dry foam. I think that the critical step (!) is making the plane hard. We glued lots of newspaper strips. Don’t miss that part.

Then color spray and some unit signs. Please (!) protect yourself (eyes, skin and breath) and keep kids away when using the foam spray and color spray.

The costume is great fun! Thanks again Kristina and coolest homemade costumes!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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