Edward Scissorhands is a sweet, gentle soul and an iconic movie character that my family loves. My son is soft-spoken and wonderfully sweet so we thought that an Edward Scissorhands costume was a perfect fit for him for Halloween!

I started out with just a white button down shirt and blue pants, pretty simple there. I used a lot of black duct tape for this costume. The collar  was a bib I made out of the tape and attached 3 binder rings to it with more tape. I used black gloves that I wrapped more duct tape around and attached binder rings on the top. For the  scissors I bought silver metallic cardstock and cut 2 layers together. The blades were then placed/sandwiched over the glove fingers and secured with duct tape. I glued the top parts of the blades together as well. The suspenders were just a little bit of stretchy strap material. I cut it in a few spots and secured those with safety pins.

I used a tad bit of foundation and powder, but before I did that I used regular stick glue to hide his eyebrows, as Edward doesn’t have any. I used a couple of layers (dried between each layer) to make sure all the hair was covered, and then a little concealer on the brows, powder, and repeat. I used the glue again for his scars. I took a piece of thin cardboard to scrape some and make a thick line of glue in the spots I wanted the scars. I had a picture of Edward up as an example. Then I started tapping the edges of the glue down and used the cardboard to make a  cut  line. I used a light purple eye shadow on both sides of the scars  and then the darkest one on the inside. I used the same dark purple close around his eyes to give him that sad expression. The lighter purple eye shadow was blended in. I used a dab of a light purple lipstick and powdered over everything really well.

People ABSOLUTELY loved him! My son was in character the whole night with the way he walked and that little smile; it was perfect and did not cost a lot to make.