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Cool Duct-Tape Four Loko Girl Group Costume

My roommates and I were trying to figure out a cheap costume for Halloween. We decided to do duct tape dresses and thought it be funny to do four locos. So we bought different color duct tape and got to wrapping, which was the hard part. After we were all taped up, we cut ourselves out of them on the sides and then got different color puffy paint to decorate the different color cans. We stenciled the letters on it and used white duct tape. We also got hoop earrings and duct taped them in our colors.

When it was time to put it back on we just re-taped the sides again. The hardest part was sitting in the duct tape dresses and trying to pee! It was definitely worth it though, very funny!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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