My husband has not gotten into Doctor Who with me and our 2 boys. Nevertheless, he is such a great hubby that he willingly donned a Doctor Who costume to go along with my version of Amy Pond for our annual grown-ups only costume party. Now that’s true love. It is really type casting because he truly is a geeky/nerdy guy anyway. He’d much rather have been at home reading a book or playing on the computer, but he went with it and with a great attitude!

The hardest part of my costume was getting my hair to dye red! (Look at the roots and you can see that it sort of took). The other hard part was deciding which look of hers to do. I think I ended up with about 6 options. Now my own wardrobe has been blessed! Most people had no idea Who or What we were, especially ma lone. We had to be side by side and then we still often had to explain, I guess Doctor Who is still an aquired tatse on not yet an American staple.