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Cool DIY Rainbow Brite Costume for a Woman

What little girl growing up in the 80’s not love and want to be Rainbow Brite?? Not only did I watch the show, own every doll, I even had the bed sheets. naturally as I brainstormed unique costume ideas rainbow bright came to mind.

Like all my other costumes I used recycled materials, in this case mostly old t-shirts cut up. Spare materials from previous costumes, stuffing from old stuffed animals and a little sewing.

Not only did it turn out great, it’s pretty warm considering its baring most of ur legs and arms. The stuffed leg Warner’s and arm bands being the reason. They’re all individual strips of T-Shirt sewn into tubes stuffed then attached like a ring shape. Easy to do! An old blue shirt dazzled up and an easy skirt with the same ring idea on the bottom. This costume was a huge hit everywhere I went!

Cool DIY Rainbow Brite Costume for a Woman

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