My little girl is 16 months and everytime I put her hair in pigtails, everyone was mention how she looked like the little girl, Boo, from Monsters Inc. So when it came time for Halloween, I knew exactly what I wanted out little family to be!

This was my very first sewing project so the steps are pretty simple!

Boo Costume:

  • Purple shiny fabric (Outside of the outfit)
  • Gray fabric (Lining of the outfit)
  • Batting (To give the outfit a little puff)
  • Velcro (Easy open and close of the outfit)
  • Gray Yarn (For the Hair)
  • Plastic White Balls (For the Eye Balls)
  • Buttons (To attached the hood)

I put the Purple Fabric, Batting, and Gray Lining together and sewed a rectangle and then cut out the litte curve for her neck and some arm holes. Then I sewed on the velcro to the back for easy opening and closing. For the hood, I used one of my her hoodies as a template for sewing. Once the hood was done, I attached it to the rest of the costume with the buttons.

Mike Costume:

  • Lime, White, Black and Blue Green Felt (This is basically the outfit)
  • Plastic Hard Hat
  • Blue Spray Paint (To spray the hard hat)

My main goal for my husband and my costume was comfort. I envisioned having a 16 month old to hold and chase around so I wanted to make sure out costume was comfortable! Looking at a beachball (which is round and the perfect “Mike” shape!), I decided to freehand the template. I cut 7 long strips of Line green felt (4′ x 9″ appx). I then cut the strips into and “eye” shape. I sewed the 7 pieces together (similar to a beach ball). Then I cut an opening for my head and arms and widened the bottm to fit my body. Lastly, I cut out the shape of Mike’s face and hot glued it on to the costume.For the hat, all I did was spray paint it blue and hot glued the symbol onto the hat!

Sully Costume:

  • Blue Fabric (The Base of the vest)
  • Blue abd Purples Yarn (To make the costume Furry!)
  • Velcro (Makes it easy to put on and take off)
  • Plastic Hard Hat
  • Blue Spray Paint (To spray the hard hat)

Again, thinging about comfort! I used one of my husband’s dress shirts as a template. Cut out the front of the vest and an identical piece for the back of the vest. I then cut the back of the vest in half (length ways) and sewed on the velcro along the cut. Now time for the time consuming part (which is partly why this costume is a vest and not a full body suit)! I cut the yarn into about 6 inch strings and sewed them onto the vest adding purple spots where I saw fit. This is a pretty simple process but very time consuming! Lastly, I spray painted the hard hat and hot glued the symbol.