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Cool DIY Marionette Pinocchio Costume Idea

This Marionette Pinocchio was a somewhat difficult costume to complete because of the mechanical part.  The outfit wasn’t too difficult. I had to find the right type of blouse, vest, dress, and hat. I found a sleeveless pleated black dress (really cute) added some German type binding. I did the same thing to the vest. The blouse was plain but had a nice collar and puffy sleeves.

I wore black stockings with red socks and red sneakers. I also wore red gloves. The hat was a German style hiking hat and I added hiking buttons and stickers to it. That completed the outfit. For the mechanism part, I made a sleeve in the inside of the back of the dress and vest and inserted a long but small round width pole to extend over my head approx. 1 feet.  Then I made an X with flat boards approx 10 inches long and drilled them to the top of the long pole.  I added string to the ends of the X and extended them to my ankles and wrists.

This costume won first place at our local Halloween party.

Cool DIY Marionette Pinocchio Costume Idea

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