Cool DIY Girl’s Group Costume for Under $20: Ninja Turtle Power!

These costumes were a hit!  My friends and I won first place in 3 contests bringing in some nice cash prizes.  Because I’m a stickler for details, these costumes took some time to make.

The shells are green sledding saucers that we glued fabric and glitter to, to make the shell design. We attached elastic bands to the inside and then slipped our arms through them so we could wear them.  I also attached an inside pocket to the shells to hold our money, phones, ID’s, etc. for the night.  We bought green long sleeved shirts and made the front shell pieces out of fabric and paint and glued them on.

The colored bands on our faces, waists, arms, and legs are made out of satin fabric.  Making the weapons was a last minute decision and it kicked my butt.  I made them myself, all from scratch.  I used a lot of fabric, duct tape, and hot glue.  Even the chains on the nun-chucks are made out of fabric.

It took me 10 hours to make them, but it was so worth it.  We had so much fun in these costumes and I can’t even count the number of compliments we received!  Hands-down, the best Halloween costumes I’ve made so far, and I make all of mine.

Cool DIY Girl's Group Costume for Under $20: Ninja Turtle Power!