So I decided about a month ago to dress up as Edward Scissorhands for our company costume contest. I began with asking for donations on belts that I could cut up or just borrow. I used black duct tape, Velcro strips, a black jacket, black pants, black boots, white costume make-up, black and brown eye shadows oh and old school scissors and glue (for the scars on my face). I had to have my husband and cousins help me put the belts on and to make the scissors stay in place with duct tape I think making the hands was the hardest. My dog Penny was afraid of me and barking like crazy and my son thought it was the coolest costume ever! At work I won 1st place out of 16 participants!!! Everyone thought my costume was pretty cool everywhere I went I got a lot of positive comments from people and on Facebook my friends were even sharing my pictures of my costume!.