Cool DIY Dr. Chernobyl Costume

The idea for my Dr. Chernobyl costume came from an action figure called twisted oz and the movie Chernobyl diaries

the mask is a painting mask modifies with fuel line tubing and led rope light.  The side carbon filters were removed and plastic sprinkler tubing was painted and hot glue gunned in its place.  The orange fuel line was bought at a hardware store and led rope light ran through the lines.  They were attached to the filter tubing with hot glue gun and painted with neon acrylic paint

the glove s plastic syringes spraypainted with copper paint and plastic sprinkler yard tubes. The IDE for the glove came from batman scracrow.  The red tubing is attached to the ayringes by screws.  Hot glue gun would not hold.  The main tube on the glove was a clear plastic tube from the hardware store to hold nuts and bolts.  The spray paint is aged copper.  It is attached to a 2 in PVC pipe cut in half so it woll stay on rhe wrist

The jacket is a cheap lab coat bought on line.  Painted with neon greed acrylic paint red and black. But used a stick so there is no paint strokes.  I took thick red string to put accents on the sleeve and collar.

the back is plastic pasta tubing PVC pluming pipe spray paint plastic baby dolls and green food die with water and led lights .  The babies were bought at good will and painted with fingernail polish.  This is so the paint did not come out in the water.  The PVC pipe is 3 in and from the pluming section.  It is all attached using hot glue gun.  The side pipes are plastic sprinkler tubes painted cool paper and gold using spray paint .

the goggles are welding goggles bought online.  The same plastic fuel line attached to the side with hot glue fun.

The hat was bought from a halloween store.

the total cost was around 50$.

The hardeat part was hiding the led lights and batteries.  Not to forget that welding goggles make it hard to see at night.  This costume gets a lot of attention

And it’s fun to wear when you are not tripping everywhere

Cool DIY Dr. Chernobyl Costume

Cool DIY Dr. Chernobyl Costume

Cool DIY Dr. Chernobyl Costume