We used old clothes we had, and just put this Addams Family Costumes with Cousin Itt Dog together. We went to a cigar  store and to buy $25 cigar like Mr. Adams, we had to get everyone in position and  to bribe our son with  some sugar free candy to get him to stay in  the photo, it was hard because our son has adhd and  borderline autism and my  mother in law is already crazy, so she had already fit the qualification in this photo, lol!

The hard part was trying to mimic the Adams family.  We had fun dressing up as Adams family. Our dog was Cousin Itt . The hard part was trying to get our son to look into the camera so we gave up and left  it the way it was.  We all had fun dressing up so in the end when we saw photo we all had good laugh!! Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed taking this photo!!