Being the cutest movie if the year my little want decide to be a minion this year, his brother as always was on board to dress up too….their father made this costumes from scratch. The only thing store bought was the mask. From fabric and foam to bottles of Clorox and colanders (minion eyes) these costumes were completely handmade!! The downsize of this costumes being so awesome?? The kids spent most their time taking pictures with people!!

Minion: Foam, fabric, fabric paint, Clorox bottles, colanders. The costume has suspenders to hold the weight, which realistically is not bad! Kind of light weight.

Gru: mask bought at Halloween store. Body was made out of foam. Please check out the zipper! Handmade in clay is the logo of Gru.

It took about 5 days to make these costumes

My humble opinion…..THIS KIDDOS ARE AWESOME!! They wore this with character, they were dancing around, taking pictures with little ones with all the patience in the world, even tho that meant not to get too much candy for themselves!