After watching the movie hundreds of times, my 5-year-old son became obsessed with wearing a Boxtrolls Eggs costume for Halloween. It was very easy to make.

For the box: I took a medium size box and cut it open to fit my son’s size. I then opened holes in the sides and glued velcro for closing. I made a hole on the top, big enough for him to get his head through. I then printed the eggs from several internet images in a size letter paper and glued it on the front. It was the beginning of the Boxtrolls Eggs costume.

For clothing: I used an old pair of brown pants (one size smaller), and a blue handmade sweater that he had from when he was 2 years old.   

For accessories: I bought an aviator hat ($6) and Steampunk bronze glasses ($5). I also found in the 99 Cent Store 2 LED clip lights and attached them to the sides and used a wired cord to decorate the hat. I also used it for the belt. For the gloves, I used a pair of old socks. I opened holes to get his fingers through and used makeup to give him a dirty look.

Makeup: I used brown and black shadow to give a dirty look on the face, socks, and gloves.