Our son recently watched the old movie “Beetlejuice” that everyone loves! He fell in love with “Beetlejuice” so Beetlejuice he was. His costume got lots of “Ewww’s and Awww’s”. He had people stopping to take pictures of him. We had so much fun making this costume come to life for him. We put a lot of effort into the costume to make it as authentic as we could.

First, I went to Kid To Kid to find a suit. I found an all white suit (black would work also). We taped off stripes, exactly how Beetlejuice was. We then sprayed it with black spray paint. Since my husband works with mixing colors for cars everyday, he mixed up a “mossy green” color to get that grass stain effect. We then dabbed and rubbed it into the suit. Next, we got a Mad Scientist wig from Spirit Halloween and sprayed the flesh tone, white. We added green face paint around the edges and sprayed the hair green very lightly. We then painted his face like Beetlejuice and I added fake moss around his face, onto the wig, and onto his neck using spirit gum.

This costume was a hit and a favorite. We had just as much fun making it for him! Happy Halloween!