We decided we were going to be Alvin and the Chipmunks the DAY OF Halloween! We went to every department store in town (and the next town over) to find the perfect colors. This was by far the easiest costume I have EVER made, the hardest part was find the green sweatshirt for Theodore.

We were just about to give up and cats or something until we went to one last store and found THE PERFECT shade of green! These costumes cost $5 per sweater and $3 for the glasses and $0.75 for the yellow felt. All we did was cut the sleeves off of the sweatshirts, and made the neck larger (like they did in the 80’s haha) and we cut out and glued on the letters. I had some left over fur from a different costume, so I attached the fur to pieces of cardboard and attached them to headbands.

This was by far the easiest and quickest costume I have ever made, and they turned out to be one of my favorites!