Cool 50’s Barbie in a Box Costume

My daughter wanted a unique and girly costume this year. We wanted to think outside the box, but ended up literally putting her in a box. At first I wasn’t sure if it would work but ended up being a total hit! This year we decided to make barbie in a box 50’s style.

We used a wardrobe packing box (these can be found anywhere that sells boxes. I bought mine for $11 at uhaul) then we painted it pink (don’t use spray paint unless you wanted to use a lot of cans, I  started to use spray paint and quickly realized the box was soaking in all the paint and not turning the right color, I  used about half a quart of paint) after we cut out the shape of the front with a knife (before you start cutting draw an outline to make sure it looks the way you want. We used sparkle scrapbook paper for the letters and other designs.

To make it easy to carry we hot glued a backpack inside. (Before hot gluing the backpack you need to hold the box in the right position so the box isn’t to high or to low) On the back of the box we put a bar code and caution doll may come to life label along with a big record to match the theme. For her outfit we used a black and white polka dot dress thar she already had and victory roll hair style to fit the theme. The hard part was transporting it, make sure the box fits in the car or that you have a car that will be able to hold it without damaging it.

The best part was my daughter winning a contest at school for most creative. The smile on her face and excitement made our project all worth the while.

Cool 50's Barbie in a Box Costume

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