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Clowning Around for Halloween Costume

My sister loves to sew. She makes homemade quilts, clothes, bags, jewelry, bows, etc. She made my niece a clown costume with leftover material she had from making other things.

  • Homemade bows were made out of used ribbon.
  • Her hair was dyed with Kool-aid packets.
  • Homemade suspenders and a design sewed on a t-shirt were added to make her absolutely beautiful.
  • The big hit was her skirt that was made out of old cloth used for quilts.

This little clown is the happiest kid I know for Halloween this year, and it didn’t cost a thing.

The outfit was such a big hit at the school Halloween party that we decided to get her pictures taken by a professional photographer. The outcome was priceless and ashtonishing.

We have had so many great comments and Facebook has been a huge hit. She comes home everyday and wants to know how many more likes she has gotten that day.

My sister has no idea that I am submitting these pictures for a contest, but regardless I am a proud brother and uncle of this year’s Halloween costume.

Clowning Around for Halloween Costume

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