ClownCon Cutest Clown Costume

Every year in London we have a ClownCon and this was to be my first. So I took a day off work and made a clown costume. I got cottons from the charity shop and still had some pink taffeta with stars lying around.

I made a skirt out of the pink taffeta and added 7 layers of petticoat to get the poofy effect. I added bobbles in pink, yellow, and green as well. I attached the front made out of multicoloured cotton, the back had crossed straps out of the same material. Underneath I wore a blueish long sleeve top and over that a yellow stretch cotton top with bobbles added to the sleeves.

I layered two circles of each green and pink fabric for the colour and made a bow out of yellow and pink with a green bobble. It had an elastic band for easy and comfortable wear. I also made a bow for in my hair with different colours. (The hair extensions are the same used for the Forest Nymph costume).

I made yellow poofy pants with green ends for underneath the skirt and found some pantyhose with the perfect design on them as well. At the ClownCon I even won the prize for Cutest Clown!